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1001 ways of communicating

1001 ways of communicating

7th February 2020

This workshop will provide a forum for researchers interested in the cognitive and sensorimotor basis of our ability to communicate through the lens of development. It proposes a series of talks, using behavioural, neuro-imaging and modelling methods to test pre- or non-verbal populations, on the major acquisitions underlying the ability to communicate and their origins.

Participation is free of charge, refreshments and lunch will be provided. The workshop has received funding from the LNC, LPC, LPL, the ILCB and the Fed3C.

Invited Speakers

Judit Gervain (CNRS, University of Paris Descartes)

Ferran Pons (University of Barcelona)



Salle des Voûtes. Campus Saint Charles, Marseille.


9-10Judit Gervain, University of Paris Descartes
Bootstrapping basic lexical categories and word order preverbally
10-10.20Coffee break
10.20-10.50Abdellah Fourtassi, LIS/AMU
Using machine learning to model early parent-child communication
10.50-11.20Christine Assaiante, LNC/AMU
Functional consequences of independent locomotion in toddlers
11.20-11.50 Clément François, LPL/AMU
The role of prosodic information on speech segmentation in infancy
11.50-14.30Lunch break (Lunch served at 1pm)
14.30-15Adrien Meguerditchian, LPC/AMU
Emergence of novel intentional gestures in baboons
and early language-like brain specialization: Implications
for the gestural origins of language
15-15.30Marianne Jover, PsyCLE/AMU
Do infants move to tell?
15.30-16Isabelle Dautriche, LPC/AMU
Behavioural indices of metalinguistic sensitivity in two-year-olds
16-16.20Coffee break
16.20-17.20Ferran Pons, University of Barcelona
Audiovisual speech perception: A developmental perspective
17.20-17.30Closing remarks


The workshop is organised by Christine Assaiante, Isabelle Dautriche and Clément François. Any questions, please email